InfraGard-NH Alliance Membership And Registration

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(New) InfraGard-NH Alliance Member and Website Registration

Donate or Update to Contributing Member  

  • Donate to the cause (Paypal option of $50 per year).
  • For existing and registered InfraGard-NH Website and Alliance members who want to update their account to be a Paid “Contributing” member.
  • “Contributing Members Only” features such as preferred entrance to our Annual Range Day and more!
  • Use this option if you are an existing “non-contributor” account and want to contribute to attend the Annual InfraGard-NH Alliance Range Day.
  • Note – this is a yearly auto-renewing process through PayPal.
    • Here is how to cancel the automatic payment with
      1. Log in to your PayPal account.
      2. Go to your  Profile.
      3. Click Preapproved Payments.
      4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.
  • InfraGard-NH Contribution and Donation Information