Your organization works hard to develop technology and invests in research and development. As we have heard in the news recently, foreign governments are targeting your intellectual property. This event is designed to inform you of the tangible threats and to provide recommendations to avoid becoming a victim.

Title: Insider Threat Intelligence: Overview of Nation State-Sponsored Talent Recruitment Platforms
Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information, and Restricted Information such as PII, PHI, and PCI have become valuable information assets managed by organizations across government, academic, and all industry sectors. Information is the driving force of innovation and invention in the United States and is critical to the organization’s successful execution of its strategic plans and technology development efforts. The value of information assets and its internal know-how is estimated to represent over 80% of an organization’s value proposition. As a result, information has become a prime target for loss, theft, and misappropriation.
The biggest threat to information assets is the Nation-State threat — which is the government intelligence, security and research institutions focused on the collection of know-how from victim organizations for the benefit of the sponsoring Nation. The emergence of the Nation State-sponsored Talent Recruitment Platform has prompted an increase in the threat profile for organizations across government, academic, and all industry sectors. This briefing will discuss the emergence of the Nation State-Sponsored Talent Recruitment Platform and the threat that such information collection efforts represent to the public and private organizations in the United States.


Allen is the founder and CEO of Trust Farm, LLC. Allen specializes in the design, development, implementation and management of Innovation Trade Secret Protection Programs that focus on reinforcing trust relationships between the trade secret information owner and those who are entrusted with the information. He also speaks at security- and risk management-related conferences on insider threat, cybersecurity and counterespionage in the workplace.

Allen spent almost 20 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) where he was tasked with convincing scientists and researchers to provide innovation information, so he knows how vulnerable insiders can be to elicitation, compromise and recruitment.


William “Bo” Vastine received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He has worked for small start-up/early stage technology firms as well as large multi-national technology/trade analytics firms. His background includes deep financial services industry experience managing teams and successful business development with innovative services, software and disruptive technology which redefined the institutional trading landscape. In addition, he has led internal review processes for re-design/re-development and re-deployment of institutional trading technologies with C-Level management.

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