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Welcome to the official InfraGard-NH Members Alliance Inc Website. InfraGard is an alliance between the FBI and the private sector. The NH Chapter was formed in 2015. InfraGard is comprised of 16 Critical Infrastructure “Sectors”. Click here to read more.

Call for Candidates

The annual election of the Board of Directors will be on November 15, 2018.
With the exception of the HSEM representative and the webmaster / Communications Director, all of the current Board members are candidates for re-election.
Additionally, others interested in serving on the Board should apply.
All candidates must be current members of the NH InfraGard Members Alliance.
Qualified individuals should be hardworking, dedicated individuals who can recruit subject matter experts to make presentations, identify venues for meetings, recruit corporate sponsors, and help to organize leaders of businesses representing New Hampshire's critical infrastructures into teams of subject matter experts.
Individuals interested in running for the Board of Directors should send a short Bio to the current President ( no later than November 1stto be posted on the InfraGard-NH website.
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Upcoming Events

Call for Candidates
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NH Infragard November Meeting
Date: Thursday, November 15th
Time: 9am
NH National Guard
Regional Training Institute
Pembroke, NH
Topic: Human trafficking and Gangs